Data Catalogue of Earthquakes in Germany and Adjacent Areas 1995

This edition of the earthquake data catalogue marks the starting point of digital publications in the BGR. Editions of former years are only available in printed form.

Page Contents Size
Title8 kB
iPreface10 kB
iiFigure 1: The Seismological Stations in Germany 1995331 kB
iii-ixTable I: List of the Seismological Stations in Germany52 kB
x-xxiTable II: Instrumental Parameters of the Seismological Stations in Germany 42 kB
xxiiList of symbols and Seismometer abbreviations9 kB
xxiii-xxvFormat Description18 kB
xxviFigure 2: Epicenters of earthquakes in Germany 1995342 kB
1-119Catalogue Data222 kB